Sheep-Fattening Project.

Elshaday asked FECIN to support a sheep-fattening project, with a view to generating income. FECIN agreed to provide £6,548 to buy and feed the stock. We are pleased to say that the sheep have arrived!

Tesfai at Elshaday on 5th Dec 2016 told us: It’s with great joy and tremendous gratitude that - as you can see in attached pictures - we share the good news with that the first set of sheep have been purchased from the towns of Atsbi and Hawzen (at 25 and 56 kms. distance respectively from Wukro), which are known for their best breed of sheep in the region.

The sheep are now being taken good care of at Elshadai Childrenā’s Village. And, as Ethiopian Christmas is a little over a month away, to be followed by Epiphany ten days later, we are optimistic that we will have a good jumpstart in this venture, thanks to you, our generous friends.

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