History of FECIN

Our friend Teberah Inquai was a refugee in Cambridge for 17 years. She finally returned to her native Tigray in Northern Ethiopia in 1994.

Shocked by the number of street children she found there that had mushroomed due to famine and civil war, she started a fund-raising group among her friends in Cambridge. This is how FECIN started.

Teberah put us in touch with Elshadai Orphanage and we began to raise funds to help them. Then she started a project called Mums for Mums to train street women in skills such as knitting, sewing and cookery so they can support themselves and their families and we sent funds to them too. FECIN has contributed to Mums for Mums from its earliest days.

At Elshadai we have funded:-

  • Vital food supplies when the Orphanage was without funds
  • Training for orphans in carpentry and building with tools for the students on graduation to start a career
  • A water tank and water pipes to secure their water supply
  • Furniture for the school – desks, benches, shelving and tables
  • Microscopes and science equipment for the school



Water pumps at Elshadei funded by FECIN make the water gush

FECIN funded the science equipment in this Elshadei classroom.
















FECIN raises money by Jumble Sales, stalls and through donations and sponsorships.



FECIN raising funds at a stall on Parkers Piece, Cambridge.

Here is the FECIN Team running another Jumble Sale.















Individual FECIN members have also provided Elshadai with a new toilet block, clothing and equipment for outside play and classroom activities.

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