Friends  of Ethiopian Children in Need

On 21 July 2019, FECIN was dissolved and passed its remaining assets to the El Shaday Orphanage and its good will to Ethiopian Orphans UK (EOS-UK) which was formed three years ago to support the projects in Ethiopia that FECIN has supported in the past. The minutes of this AGM are here.

If you are interested in their work or wish to support it, please visit their website at: https://eos-uk.herokuapp.com/.

Take a look at our new ‘Projects’ page.

We held our AGM at our Summer Party on 27th June 2018 (thanks Graham and Lucy for hosting) You can read the Minutes here and the Accounts here. Dr. Abraha Derso updated us on the situation at Elshadai and told us about Ethiopian Orphans Support UK, a new organisation aiming to assist Elshadai. 

Friends of Ethiopian Children in Need (FECIN) is a registered charity (Charity Number 1113367) based in Cambridge, raising funds for two projects in Northern Ethiopia:



Children at Elshadai

FECIN members visit Elshadai to inspect the water tower we paid for at Elshadai

  Mums for Mums which trains destitute women in skills they can use to earn a living and provide for their children.



Training at Mums for Mums

Embroidery class at Mums for Mums













We are offering the chance to  sponsor the work of Elshadai to ensure the Orphanage can continue its vital work.
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